STAND OUT MODEL MANAGEMENT LIMITED PARENT’S TERMS AND CONDITIONS ‘Agency’ refers to STAND OUT MODEL MANAGEMENT LIMITED, a company registered in England and Wales under number 12752458, whose registered office is International House, Constance Street, London E16. ‘Artiste(s)’ refers to the child registered with the Agency. ‘Parent(s)’ refers to the parent/guardian in charge of the Artiste. ‘Client(s)’ refers to the Agency’s client(s), which is the person(s)/company who employs the Artiste via the Agency. 


  1. Upon acceptance onto the books of the Agency, the parent agrees to pay a non-refundable fee of £25 inc. VAT (value added tax) for inclusion on the Agency’s website indefinitely from the first date of inclusion. Unless otherwise discussed with agency. Payment can only be accepted 30 days after a child is provisionally accepted on to the Agency’s books and terms and conditions accepted by the parent. During this time, the artiste has the right to withdraw without detriment. No charge will be made. Once the online model card is created this will be used to send to client briefs. Parents are not provided with model card access but can view the model card upon request.

  2. Once registered with the Agency, the Agency will provide a non-sole work finding service to the Artiste for all modelling and/or talent work, dependent upon which division they have been accepted to and which division(s) they have chosen to join.  Notice of castings and assignments will be provided as soon as the Agency are provided with the appropriate information from the Client, which can often be at very short notice, typically the working day before. 

  3. Should any work be accepted and undertaken by an Artiste through the Agency prior to the website fee being paid, the Agency reserve the right to deduct this payment, plus its standard commission, from the Artiste's fees. 

  4. The Agency will ensure the Artiste has an individual, fully searchable web page on the Agency website ( for client’s perusal at all times during their contract period between the parent and Agency. The Agency will keep all the child's details fully up to date, as supplied by the parent. 

  5. The Agency will contact the parent to arrange bookings on behalf of the Artiste as and when this occurs. Artiste’s payments can only be paid once the Agency has been paid by the client, which can take up to and often around 3-6 months. The agency’s invoice terms are 30 days, but often client’s differ widely. The Agency will pay the Artiste within 10 working days of receiving cleared funds into their account from the client, provided we have the relevant details to do so. Any cheques sent out which are not banked in time/lost/other by the recipient will be subject to a £20 administration fee for re-issue. We reserve the right to cancel any cheques not banked within 6 months. Please note that we can only pay the artiste and not parent.

  6. The Agency cannot and do not guarantee work for any Artiste that it represents, this is impossible to guarantee. 

  7. The Agency will provide details of their agency photographers, which the parent will be able to utilise at the special agency rates. This will only be offered to an Artiste once fully registered for 30 days or more. The Agency will send a separate document outlining full details on the photography service provided once registered for this period. Professional photos are not necessary but are advised, The Agency will never force a client to pay for photos but we may recommend a photo update session. 


8.TV COMMERCIALS/TV/FILM – All fees will be invoiced by the Agency. The Agency takes 20% commission from all fees. This excludes any travel expenses being reimbursed by the client, which are payable to the artiste in full.

  1. STAGE/ARTISTE PAYMENTS (BBC/ITV/OTHER) - All fees will be invoiced by the Agency. The Agency takes 20% commission + VAT from all fees. This excludes any travel expenses being reimbursed by the client, which are payable to the artiste in full. 

  2. If a job covers more than one type of work across the same booking, the Agency reserve the right to charge the higher rate commission across the whole of the booking.


  1. It is solely the parents’ responsibility to ensure their child’s online calendar is always kept fully up to date with any unavailability dates. The parent understands notes will be placed on file if we experience issues with availability.

  2. The Artiste’s contract will renew yearly with no additional website fees, the contract will only end when either The Agency or Parent(s) request termination, please see clause 16 for information on terminating contract.

  3. The parent agrees to: a) Ensure that their child arrives on time for all arrangements/bookings b) Ensure that their child is accompanied by a responsible adult at all times during a booking, unless specifically agreed otherwise with the Agency. This includes travelling to and from any location. Unless otherwise agreed, chaperone must be a parent or legal guardian only. Please note grandparents, adult siblings or any other family member or friend cannot act as a chaperone to your child without a Chaperone Licence issued from their council. If this is the case, the parent must inform us at the time of booking the job who will be chaperoning their child, if this will be anybody other than the parent, so that this can be noted on the Child Performance Licence application form. c) Limit the amount of people attending the booking with their child to 1 adult only and no additional children, unless otherwise agreed with the Agency. d) Ensure that their child behaves in a polite and professional manner during any bookings. e) Contact the Agency immediately in the event of the child's illness or any other emergency situation which prevents the child from attending a booking. This should be by means of telephone and followed up with an email where possible. f) Ensure the child attends the booking with clean hair, face, nails and clothing, as per the booking confirmation details. g) Ensure if a job record is provided by the Agency for a job that this is fully completed on the day of a booking and returned to the Agency no more than 3 working days after the booking has taken place, otherwise they may not receive payment for their work. h) Ensure that they, or their children, do not display poor or rude conduct towards the Agency’s staff and other children, parents or clients. This would include inappropriate correspondence to the agency, or reference to the agency by a parent/child to any third party. i) If a parent pulls out of a confirmed booking once the licence has been applied for, the Agency reserves the right to charge the parent for the Child Performance Licence fee, due to the work having already been carried out and the Agency then unable to invoice the Client for this. The standard fee for this is £40, but can differ depending upon the type of licence and the council applied to.


  1. Any failure by the parent to comply with the above obligations may result in the child being removed from the website and the Agency’s books completely, with immediate effect without prior notice. This will be confirmed in writing.

  2. Should a parent wish to terminate their contract with the Agency and remove their child from the Agency’s books, written confirmation must be received by the Agency from the parent, giving one month notice. The child’s details will then be removed within one month from receipt of such correspondence. The child’s details will be kept on file for 2 years from this date, after which they will be permanently deleted. The Agency cannot be approached regarding any details relating to a child's file after this time, as the file would have been deleted with reasonable cause. The artiste will be required to finish any outstanding work with the Agency. Any introductions made whilst registered with the agency cannot be transferred to another agency when leaving. 

  3. Information on all assignments undertaken by any Artiste with the Agency (including venue, client name and contact details, dates, fees, requirements etc) are kept for a period of 6 years with the Agency, after which time they are permanently deleted. 

  4. By signing these terms and conditions, you acknowledge that you authorise the Agency to act on yours and your child’ behalf. This includes the Agency receiving monies on your child’s behalf and signing off any contractual agreements. 

  5. The Agency reserves to the right to change their terms and conditions at any time, giving the artiste notification of this. 

  6. The Agency is a non-sole representation Agency. This means all artistes are represented by Stand Out are permitted to be registered with any other non-sole Agencies. The Agency can also offer representation to model only if the artiste is already with an acting agency, if the other agency is sole please ask for permission from the other agency before joining with us.

PRIVACY NOTICE We are a GDPR compliant Company and therefore set out to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998. Stand Out Model Management are the data controller and hold all personal details of the model/artiste (as well as personal and contact details of the parent/guardian for under 16s) as outlined on the registration form, in order to provide our clients with the necessary information they require when selecting a model/artiste for their assignment. We will share these details where appropriate with our clients, where deemed applicable for the assignment. All model/artiste’s personal and sometimes sensitive information such as appearance details, date of birth, allergies, dietary requirements, skills, talents and more will be shared with clients making bookings in order to ensure bookings are made properly and correctly. Our clients include production companies, freelance production workers, photographers, film/TV/theatre companies and advertising agencies. By joining the agency, you are also signing up to our mailing list, which we use to send agency information out relevant to you. We do not share your information with third parties. If you do NOT wish to be registered to this mailing list, please email to OPT OUT. If you have any questions regarding this privacy notice, please request to contact our Data Protection Officer. 

Please sign below to confirm you have fully read and understood the Terms & Conditions 


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