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UPDATES - Please read before applying.

We never force our models to pay for portfolios, a professional portfolio is not necessary and once your child starts to build up their work portfolio from jobs, these photos will be your professional portfolio.

Whilst we do not require professional photographs for your updates we do require clear, well lit photographs - If you can not do this you will need to hire a photographer.

In this day and age it is perfectly acceptable to take update photos on your phone. To do this please make sure:

  • The area is well lit, natural daylight is best - try with a window behind the camera.

  • The background is clear and un-cluttered, against a white or light coloured wall is best.

  • No Hats, facepaint, hairbands.

  • Long hair down when possible.

  • A variety of expressions

  • No make-up

  • Plain clothing if possible

  • No filter or edits

If your photos are blurred, dark or cluttered we will not be able to use them.

This list is applicable to application photos too - If your photos are unsuitable it is unlikely we will consider your application.

It is a parents responsibility to keep their child's details up to date - You will need to send updates via email which will then be added to your child's profile if they are suitable.

This also goes for measurements, please keep us up to date with any changes in measurements, hair styles etc.


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