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Tips for a successful CASTING

Castings are usually busy places full of lots of people with lots going on, despite the castings being for children they are often held in surprisingly not very kid-friendly places! With not a lot for children to do so please take along something to keep your child occupied that won't get in the way.

  • Make sure your child is not overly hungry or tired and is clean and presentable.

  • It is best for your child to not wear jewellery - This includes earrings!

  • No make-up, children must be as natural as possible.

  • Always arrive on time (early)

  • Parking can often be virtually non-existent so it is best to plan your journey in advance. If you do drive try arrive early so you can find somewhere to park.

  • Please only bring one adult in to the casting with the child, unless there is more than one child being cast. Please do not bring the whole family along unless they are being cast! It is highly unprofessional and it will almost certainly result in your child not being cast. - We cannot stress this enough!

  • Please do not take photos of your child in any sample clothing, this could be pre-release clothing that the client does not want publicly seen before release.

"What can I expect at a casting?"

You will arrive at the casting there will be a desk where you will give your child's name and agency, you and your child will be expected to sit and wait patiently until called. Once your child is called, depending on what they are being cast for they may be asked to change into some of the clients test outfits, and depending on the age may be asked some questions or to follow some simple instructions.

They may have 2 minutes to smile and make an impression, casting directors(CD) don't want parents getting involved too much - do not try to direct your child, the CD needs to see how your child will work with their direction.

"I have attended castings but have had no jobs, what are we doing wrong?"

The fact of the matter is that you could be doing absolutely nothing wrong and please do not feel discouraged, it could be a case that there was another child on the day who the CD felt was a better match for the brief or simply that the clothing was slightly a better fit on another child. We have had cases where a child was not selected due to the clothing being too big, but then a few months later were asked back again once they had grown a bit!

Castings do not = jobs

If you attend castings, you have a much higher possibility of getting shortlisted for jobs, but please remember that not all castings result in jobs. It is a very competitive industry.


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